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Official AG241v2 2.01.03 firmware GPL source code

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by wizyrulez, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. wizyrulez

    wizyrulez Network Newbie Member


    I have a Linksys AG241v2 (annex A I guess since I am using it in Italy) and I requested GPL source code for version 2.01.03 of firmware to Linksys support but they replied that it's too old and they do not give GPL source code anymore.

    Can anyone help me ? I need the full original GPL 2.01.03 source code package.

    Thank you,
  2. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    I'm sure they (now Belkin) do give GPL code for current products or that Texas court will be back in action!, but that firmware is at least 7 years old, and I suspect the original download not complete... There was a 3rd party phoenix firmware that improved on the Linksys firmware - developer on Aus whirlpool forums. The Linksys firmware itself is available from http://download.modem-help.co.uk/mfcs-L/LinkSys/AG241/Firmware/v2/v2-01-03/
  3. wizyrulez

    wizyrulez Network Newbie Member

    thanks for the infos but actually I was looking for the original source code and I wrote here hoping that someone still holds a copy of the sources, since linksys gpl support replied that being so old they won't give it to me, even if I am not sure that there is a limit in time in giving a simple link.

    I tried both phoenix firmware and operwrt on it and both work fine :)

  4. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    I only have AG241 V1, but might have a copy somewhere, I'll look at the weekend... and update here if i find it.

    Is this it? Original date 2007, temporarily here


    I have various other files in my local archive location

     64M Dec 21  2006 AG241-AU_AnnexA_v1.01.07_GPL.tgz
     63M May 10  2007 AG241-AU_v1.01.08.tgz
    3.1M May 20  2008 AG241-DE_AnnexB_ETSI_v1.00.35_code.zip
    2.9M Feb 22  2008 AG241-EU_AnnexA_1_00_23_fw%2C0.zip
    3.1M May 20  2008 AG241-EU_AnnexA_ADSL2+_ETSI_v1.01.00.zip
    3.2M Nov 26  2007 AG241-EU-v2.01.03-00-TSM-AnnexM-Amiga-Tx.bin
    3.2M Nov 26  2007 AG241-EU-v2.01.03-00-TSM-AnnexM-SNR-Tx.bin
    2.9M Mar 16  2008 AG241-UK_AnnexA_v1.00.16_000_code.zip
     42M Oct 22  2008 AG241v1-AU-1.01.18-Pluto.tar.bz2
    3.2M Oct 13  2010 AG241V1-EU-AnnexA-v7.01.04-Phoenix.bin
     51M Oct 22  2008 AG241V1-EU-AnnexA-v7.01.04-Phoenix.tar.bz2
     35M Dec 11  2007 AG241V2-DE-v2_03_01-00.tar.bz2
     45M Nov 24  2006 AG241V2-EU.tar.gz
     50M Mar 15  2006 AG241V2-EU_v2.00.00.tar.bz2
    4.3K May  9  2008 AG241V2-EU-v2_01_01-00-TSM-Telnet.diff
     59M Sep  5  2007 AG241V2-EU-v2_01_03-00.tar.gz
    2.3M Oct 29  2007 AG241V2-EU-v2.01.03.00-Telnet-AnnexM.bin
    3.2M Nov 11  2007 AG241V2-EU-v2.01.03.00-Telnet-AnnexM-TSM.bin
    112M Nov  8  2007 src_AG241_EU_V1.00.04_GPL.tgz
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2014
  5. wizyrulez

    wizyrulez Network Newbie Member

    that would be great thank you so much for help!
  6. muessigb

    muessigb New Member Member

    mstombs, would you mind sharing the files with me?
    Linksys took them down and I would like to reflash my router.

  7. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

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