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Linksys E2500 Versus Linksys E3200 Running With Tomato

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by marcbkk, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. marcbkk

    marcbkk Reformed Router Member

    I am thinking about upgrading from my E2500 v1 to a E3200 as I have been having some stability issues with more than 4-6 wireless connections at a time on my E2500 router. The problems appear to be hardware related and a reboot of the router always fixes it eventually, but having to reboot all the time isn't the ideal solution.

    I will probably just buy a second hand used one and at first I had thought about getting an E2500 v3 since I understand they are more stable than the older v1 I have. But then I realized that a used E3200 can be had for the same price as an E2500 and would be newer generation hardware than just getting a never version of an E2500. The E3200 doesn't appear to be that much different though than the E2500 in terms of overall specs, just has more internal antennas I believe, which might send out a bit of a better wireless signal as well.

    I was wondering if there are any major disadvantages or general problems that anyone is aware of when running Tomato on an E3200 versus an E2500 and if I would perhaps see much better performance and stability on an E3200 over an E2500 if I upgrade?

    Many thanks...
  2. Jose C

    Jose C Serious Server Member

    I had one e3200 with tomato shibby, overall everything works as it should (considering the capabilities of this router). The one thing that failed consistently was the 5ghz band I think is because the way the 5ghz antennas is implemented hardware level.

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  3. marcbkk

    marcbkk Reformed Router Member

    Thank you Jose. In the end I decided the E3200 would not be much of an upgrade from the E2500. Not enough speed and I think it will struggle if you have 6-8 wireless devices connected at once. My E2500 also drops the 5GhZ band sometimes and requires a reboot to get it back. If you are still running the E3200 with Tomato then try adding the following code in the Tomato settings to Administration - Scripts - Init:

    for line in `nvram show | grep =$ `; do var=${line%*=}; nvram unset $var; done
    nvram set partialboots=1
    nvram commit

    After I added the above code I don't think I have had any problems with the 5GhZ band as the code reduced my NVRAM Usage to under 45%. Before I added the code it was at 50%.

    On Friday I ordered an Asus RT-AC66U from Amazon, which is an AC1750 router. Hopefully I will have it soon and hopefully I don't have problems flashing it with Tomato.
  4. ROB111

    ROB111 New Member Member

    Same thing on E2500 v1 with advanced tomato. 5GHz always goes down randomly, sometimes requires reboot to restore.
    However problem got better when put it vertically for better cooling.

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