Issue with two/three router setup in bridge mode when signal poor/gone

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Jason Ferris, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Jason Ferris

    Jason Ferris New Member Member

    I have a multi wifi router setup where there is a primary router "A", which is issuing DHCP address to a distant wired secondary router "B", and issues addresses IP's via A or B router over wifi to a third mobile/movable bridge-mode router "C".

    The problem is that when the mobile router "C" is in an area that has alot of interference, or no signal, devices connected to router C start to act up, i assume because they are no longer connected to the DHCP host.

    My question is, is there a way to have the mobile router copy the layout of the primary router DHCP assignment, and host the DHCP's whenever the network is out/intermittent. Or is there a way to partially assign IP's ranging from 192.168.3-100 for the primary router, and always have the mobile router issue dhcp range 192.168.101-254?

    I have to be able to have all devices discoverable (obviously when signal is connected) through the whole system, so unfortunately i really don't want the 3rd router "c" to be on it's own subnet, unless there is a way I can make everything discoverable.


    Here is a visual of the setup:

    [Net] ---> [Modem (IP pass-through/switch-mode)] ---> [Tomato Router "A" (DHCP host to "A-Ethernet", "A-2.4G", "A-5G")...]

    ...A-Ethernet] --> [Client devices] + [Second Tomato Router "B" (switch/bridge-mode to "B-Ethernet", "B-2.4G", "B-5G")...]
    ...A-2.4G] ~~> [Client devices] + [Third Tomato Router "C" - Mobile (switch/bridge-mode to "C-Ethernet", "C-2.4G(V-Wifi-lan w0.1)", "C-5G")...]
    ...A-5G] ~~> [Client devices]

    ...B-Ethernet] --> [Client devices]
    ...B-2.4G] ~~> [Client devices] + [Third Tomato Router "C" - Mobile (switch/bridge-mode to "C-Ethernet", "C-2.4G(V-Wifi-lan w0.1)", "C-5G")...]
    ...B-5G] ~~> [Client devices]

    ...C-Ethernet] --> [Client devices]
    ...C-2.4G] <~~> [Client devices] + provides router "C" Bridge-mode connection to A or B router.
    ...C-5G] ~~> [Client devices]

    Sorry, probably a better way to draw this, but this is the best i came up with. Thanks again!
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