Is it possible to have the router connect to VPN but ignored for online gaming?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Nazgulled, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Nazgulled

    Nazgulled Serious Server Member

    I'm thinking of connecting my router to a VPN service so that my full network uses the VPN instead of direct ISP connections. But is it possible to avoid/ignore the VPN for online gaming without manually turning the VPN client on and off?
  2. Mr9v9

    Mr9v9 Serious Server Member

    Yes, get a VPN that provides service in the same region as the game servers.
    What were you expecting?

    Okay okay ;) there is a guide on here posted by a user earlier wanting to do the same thing, try searching around the forum.

    If you want to get hardcore there are ways to do it per user using scripts on Linux but I am going to assume you aren't gaming on Linux...Which is a shame because some of us do!

    Here is another example I found of one application going through the VPN using Windows but it looks messy using the firewall.

    In conclusion routing operates at the lower end of the OSI model. What you need to happen is for it to be aware at the Layer 7 level so it can detect what program you are using.
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  3. Nazgulled

    Nazgulled Serious Server Member

    I just wanted to be selective but I guess that doing that on the router level is not that easy. I'll probably just use VPN clients in each relevant device.

    Thanks for your help.
  4. Sean B.

    Sean B. LI Guru Member

    Do you Console game, PC, or both? Console gaming would be rather simple, as you could set iptables rules to route all traffic from the consoles IP directly out to the internet instead of VPN. PC a bit complicated, as you'd be wanting to selectively route the traffic from a single IP. You'd have to find the easiest "marker" so to speak that can be hit on to reroute the gaming traffic, something like specific source/dest ports.. destination ( gaming server ) IP's etc.
  5. Nazgulled

    Nazgulled Serious Server Member

    Yeah, it's PC :p

    I guess it's much simpler to just install the VPN client on the PC and turn it on/off as needed.
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  6. cloneman

    cloneman Addicted to LI Member

    You could also dedicate a single computer that will be performing all law-breaking activities, and just run the VPN on that computer only :eek::cool:.
  7. Julzk

    Julzk Networkin' Nut Member

    You sure can, I run a VPN connection that is always on within my Tomato router that simply routes all traffic via the VPN when only accessing Netflix. Anything else you use on the internet won't route via the active VPN connection.

    There are many ways you can configure the VPN running from your tomato router. Like me, specific sites or specific local IP's of certain computers/devices on your network, etc.
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