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[Fork] Tomato by Shibby, compiled by @kille72

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by kille72, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. kille72

    kille72 LI Guru Member


    TTROUT Network Newbie Member

    What do you mean by can be included? They are:)



    Thus of course reading ntfs using tomato is way faster. I have no issues with that as as a user I probably can use it, as I have the hw and basically got a license through oem fw. But that probably doesn't cover the distribution of the module, e.g. through bitbucket repo:)

    Enough said. I've given proof, you have given gibberish
  3. Mercjoe

    Mercjoe Network Guru Member

    The inclusion of the code in the GPL code on bitbucket and other repo's is not a problem. The same code is available in the GPL code tarball that you can get from the router manufactures. Thus distribution is not an issue here. It is not like we are using a illegally obtained source for the code. It is available to the public from a legitimate source.

    Use of said code without a proper LISCENSE would be a problem. In the snippets of code that you are posting it is clear that the code can only be compiled into specific firmware to hardware that ALREADY has a license to use it.

    The argument COULD be made that the code was not licensed to the hardware but to the software but that distinction is beyond my ability to determine.

    Anyway, I do not know what set your rant off, but kindly make a new topic on the forum concerning this if this is such a hot topic for you and stop cluttering up this thread please.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
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  4. Jeffry

    Jeffry Networkin' Nut Member

    I hope you are there for more of a rest than business. ;) Is this your meeting with Shibby? If it is, say "Hi" for all of us. :cool:
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  5. RMerlin

    RMerlin Network Guru Member

    I can't speak for Paragon, but in the case of Tuxera, I know for a fact they have no problem with me distributing their module on my Github repo with my own firmware (as long it only runs on hardware from Asus). I exchanged a few emails with one of their upper management a few years ago, and that same upper management person was also on my Github at the time, so he was well aware of it.

    There's a good chance Paragon's stance would be the same here, until proven otherwise.
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  6. Jose C

    Jose C Reformed Router Member

    If I have a net gear R7000 on latest Stock firmware, can I go to Kille (using initial version and then latest version)? Or do I have to first downgrade to a certain stock firmware to go to tomato?

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  7. Jeffry

    Jeffry Networkin' Nut Member

    That should work. You need to flash with the initial version from stock first. Then, from there you flash to the current version.

    Shibby has a great how to video on this: http://tomato.groov.pl/?p=614 You can use Kille's initial flash file for the R7000 and then load the current Kille R7000 build.
  8. Jose C

    Jose C Reformed Router Member

    I'm familiar with the process, in fact I already have a R7000 running shibby 140, I asked because I think was mergers or linksys that won't accept non original man firmware in they're latest firmwares, maybe was linksys now that I remember, anyways, just wanted to double check. Thanks for your answer.

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  9. kille72

    kille72 LI Guru Member

  10. GhaladReam

    GhaladReam Network Guru Member

    @kille72 Would there be any way to add additional GUI options for the Basic-->Wireless Filter for Virtual wireless interfaces? Currently I need to manually edit NVRAM variables to add MAC wifi filtering, and it would be very nice to be able to edit these from the GUI! The current Wireless filter page only filters the primary (wl0 and wl1) interfaces, and not the virtual ones (wl0.1, wl1.1, wl0.2, wl 1.2) etc.

    I inderstand MAC filtering is an archaic form of 'security' but I like to use it in conjunction with WPA2 to satisfy my own paranoia about having a much security as possible on my network :D
  11. The Master

    The Master Network Guru Member

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  12. kille72

    kille72 LI Guru Member

    I don't know, it does not feel like it's a prio, it's so easy go around this filtering...
  13. kille72

    kille72 LI Guru Member

    I don't know, therefore I need someone who wants to test ;)
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  14. The Master

    The Master Network Guru Member

    OK... I could test with R7000 :)
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  15. WildFireSG

    WildFireSG Networkin' Nut Member

    @kille72 Welcome back!

    Just curious, is there any plan to update the wireless driver "Broadcom Wireless Driver (r456083)"? Looks like that was added to @shibby20 Version 119 in May 2014.
  16. kille72

    kille72 LI Guru Member

    Thank you! If you know someone who can handle it, they are very welcome :)
  17. AsusTomato

    AsusTomato Addicted to LI Member

    In the change log for 2017.2 it says,

    QOS: Fix ingress QOS, both IPv4 & IPv6
    QOS: Fix ARM QOS

    So I was hoping this would fix the Inbound QOS bug on the Asus RT-AC3200 I have. Inbound QOS currently has no effect and the Bandwidth Distribution (Inbound) Graph in blank, no activity is shown. The bug still exists in 2017.2 and exists in all the Toastman firmwares I've tried. This is despite using Erase all data in NVRAM Memory (thorough) after upgrading. Outbound QOS still works perfectly.
  18. Mercjoe

    Mercjoe Network Guru Member

    From the about page:
    Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 -2017.2-kille72- K26ARM USB AIO-64K

    Linux kernel and Broadcom Wireless Driver (r456083)

    [Kille72's Tomato-ARM] - Polish forum: https://openlinksys.info English forum: https://linksysinfo.org
    Source code - Bitbucket project page
    About me - https://exotic.se

    We are already there sir.
  19. Sean B.

    Sean B. Addicted to LI Member

    How's the performance compared to previous version? Any noticeable gains/losses?
  20. Mercjoe

    Mercjoe Network Guru Member

    In what aspect are you asking? Wifi? QOS?

    I went from Shibby 140 to 2017.2 with no problems. Things are working well and there seems to be better QOS controls. I attribute that to the QOS improvements that handle IPv6 better. Before, if I was downloading something I max out my connection lagging everyone else out. A simple look in the UI and I would find myself hogging all the available bandwidth. Now it seems to play by the rules so to speak.
  21. WildFireSG

    WildFireSG Networkin' Nut Member

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry if my original message was a little unclear.

    I was not asking if there was a plan for the driver to be updated *to* " (r456083)". Of course it's in @kille72 version already because his is a fork of @shibby20 Version 138. I was just pointing out that it was possibly outdated because it was added in @shibby20 Version 119 over 2 years ago. Didn't know if there was an updated wireless driver that may provide additional stability or support. I run Tomato Firmware 1.28.0000 -2017.2-kille72- K26ARM USB AIO-64K on an ASUS RT-AC68U with no problems. Was just curious.
  22. kille72

    kille72 LI Guru Member

    Who wants to test the newest PHP 5.5.x?

    Current PHP version in Tomato-AIO is 5.5.10 from 06 Mar 2014, the updated version is 5.5.38 from 21 Jul 2016.

    I know there are newer versions 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1, but we were unable to update to these.

    We have newest nginx 1.10.x legacy version in AIO builds (1.10.3 from 31 Jan 2017)
  23. The Master

    The Master Network Guru Member

    hi Kille72,thx for the pptp beta but i could not connect and dont know why. it is nothing in the log :( I got only a Failed at client side.

    Tried from Android and Windows with ip and dns.
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  24. Edrikk

    Edrikk Network Guru Member

  25. MattaM

    MattaM Network Newbie Member


    I have a Netgear R8500 and was wondering if this model will be supported on a near future build of shibby's or kille72's. I ran shibby's build on my R7000 for the longest time and loved it.

  26. joksi

    joksi Serious Server Member

    Is it possible to incorporate kernel modules in Tomato so being able to setup VTI-tunnels?
  27. Elfew

    Elfew Network Guru Member

    Yes, there is a fix for IPv6 from @tvlz - thank you very much!

    1) Wireless MAC filter - reported here: http://www.linksysinfo.org/index.ph...compiled-by-kille72.73397/page-10#post-289998 (also reported on BitBucket)
    2) Wireless driver update?
    3) DDNS provider fix from Merlin repo: http://www.linksysinfo.org/index.ph...-compiled-by-kille72.73397/page-9#post-289332
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  28. Enig123

    Enig123 New Member Member

    SMB2 support has been discussed a while ago. So far only kille72's build and Merlin support it, right? Or I have missed sth?
  29. Elfew

    Elfew Network Guru Member

    Yes, thats true.
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  30. ashrah28

    ashrah28 New Member Member

    hi @kille72 can you please add this to your fork? because i usually bridge my main modem/router on tomato so i can access my main modem? thank you

  31. Elfew

    Elfew Network Guru Member

    It is available in kille72's build already - check my screenshot below (2017.2 - Asus RT-N18u - AIO)

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  32. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Posts moved to own threads - :)
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  33. chchia

    chchia LI Guru Member

    i had encounter the R7000 failed to reboot for few times, but i cannot reproduce it. i need to power it of and on it again.

    2007.1 .2 .3b5, all these version occur fail to reboot before.

    any suggestion that allow me to provide more log?
  34. RichtigFalsch

    RichtigFalsch Networkin' Nut Member

    On rebooting you lose log files, unless you save them to external storage (or JFFS where available).
  35. tvlz

    tvlz LI Guru Member

    That commit is for the Advanced Tomato GUI, @kille72 should use this patch.

    Another thing could you add a build type in the makefile for the Linksys ARM routers with 32K of nvram, the current builds used on routers that have a STOCK CFE lose settings if it is exceeded. There is no problem if you flashed to Xvortex cfe which supports 64K nvram.
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  36. kille72

    kille72 LI Guru Member

    Thanks! I'll look at it over the weekend.
  37. joksi

    joksi Serious Server Member

    ...or GRE-tunnels?

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