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DD-Wrt For R7000 Suggestions Please

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by Nitin Vaid, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. Nitin Vaid

    Nitin Vaid Connected Client Member

    Currently I am using Tomato firmware by"[Fork] Tomato by Shibby, compiled by @kille72"
    But I like this firmware the features it has and the customisation and control of bandwidth and all but i have to compromise the range in it the Range of my wifi router is not good as Asus-wrt merlin or stock
    i was thinking to flash the DD-Wrt Firmware is this firmware also has range issue? and which one to flash which has better GUI
  2. Jose C

    Jose C Serious Server Member

    I have the same router and in my case wi fi range was same as stock, in my experience range with asus wrt by Merlin was worst than tomato and stock.

    For better GUI, I would say

    1 Asus wrt
    2 tomato
    3 ddwrt

    You will need vortex asus wrt

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  3. Nitin Vaid

    Nitin Vaid Connected Client Member

    you are using which firmware?
  4. Jose C

    Jose C Serious Server Member

    Right now, shibby 140

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  5. Dimitri.Schiavone

    Dimitri.Schiavone New Member Member

    ddwrt for R7000 is very mature as of 2017. Range has always been better with ddwrt than tomato for me, probably because country code and regulatory domains have always been fucked up in tomato and also because ddwrt has beamforming support. I would recommend using ddwrt or openwrt if you want to replace whichever router firmware with something custom beacuse ddwrt and openwrt devs fix and improve code in the kernel, whereas tomato firmware builds itself around the kernel (2.2.x) which is outdated and possibly with security flaws. That's because they use proprietary drivers that force them to use the kernel provided by the OEM for which the binary closed source drivers are compiled against. This means that you don't see kernel level improvements for kernels in tomato and I guess xvortex. If you need hardware NAT good news for you because Qualcomm released their code for SFE and it's being ported to ddwrt kernels meaning you can take advantage of all ddwrt awesome stuff (security, kernel improvements, features) and in the near future use it with a gigabit connection.
    P.S. ddwrt QoS is very powerful but needs more knowledge and tweaking but when you get it right it's better than tomato.

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  6. microchip

    microchip Serious Server Member

    The R7000 is a Broadcom platform, not QCA. Don't know that status of CTF for BCM in DD-WRT
  7. Dimitri.Schiavone

    Dimitri.Schiavone New Member Member

    They released their open source code for acceleration through software, go check in ddwrt forum.

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  8. Liseeker

    Liseeker Connected Client Member

    I agree with Dimitri.

    For a start, I used Vortex previously on my R7000. It's much simpler and more user-friendly in terms of layout with a pleasant-to-the-eye GUI. I like it a lot.

    But as I want more refined and advanced features, I lean towards DDWRT. And it wins out for me. Like anything else, the more features provided, the longer it takes to master it. It goes without saying.
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  9. KyleS

    KyleS Addicted to LI Member

    DD-WRT still has zero support for vlans, multiple SSIDs, and its QoS still does not support conntrack...

    What are you guys talking about?
    I have never seen someone say something so wrong before, not a single thing in here is correct beyond the first sentence which is an opinion.
  10. Liseeker

    Liseeker Connected Client Member


    - VLANS: I have three active clients in three subnets: 192.168.101.x , 192.168.110.x and 192.168.112.x (as shown in subnets pic.)


    - SSIDs: I have four SSID: two in 2.4 GHz bandwidth, and two in 5GHz.

    Multiple SSIDs.png

    - QoS: I only need to use subnet-based QoS on R7000 (running DD-WRT v3.0-r33435M kongac) so I am not sure if it does support or not. I use however conntrack on my MikroTik router. It's where I need to.


    It's you that seem not to know what you're talking about. I am afraid.
  11. Dimitri.Schiavone

    Dimitri.Schiavone New Member Member

    Same goes for me i have qos on a guest wifi Virtual wlan and qos for my main ssid and all works quite fine.

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  12. darksky

    darksky Networkin' Nut Member

    @Liseeker and @Dimitri.Schiavone - Which build of DD-WRT are you using on your R7000? Kong mode or stock?

    Router Model: Netgear R7000
    Firmware Version: DD-WRT v3.0-r33675M kongac (11/03/17)
    Kernel Version: Linux 4.4.95 #472 SMP Fri Nov 3 23:27:37 CET 2017 armv7l
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017

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